Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Eggnogg'n it

I love this time of year, and all that it entails.
The lights are pretty, yes yes.
The tree is magical, of course of course.
The burning yule log on TV is a must watch, certainly certainly.
Food wise, well it is absolutely delicious. Come on ladies, what's the one time of the year where it is nearly impossible to say no to baking? Especially when your friend bakes you a Christmas cookie care package present. You aren't going to say no, you are going to bring them back home and eat them all in one sitting. Probably while watching the yule log and waiting for the big beefy lumberjack hand to put more wood on the fire.
The cookies, cakes, custards, and the Chinese oranges that are actually good for you unless you eat multiples in one sitting. How about the turkey dinners that are on the corporate dinner horizon? But the best beverage for the holidays? Eggnog.

Oh yeah.

I know some of you out there are making faces your mother would scold you for. Some might be making the face due to the fact that traditional eggnog is made with raw eggs. But did you know the commercial type eggnog you find at Safeway doesn't have raw eggs? So stop making that ridiculous face, and go drink some nog. Or better yet, go put some eggnog in your tea!

Goodness, don't look surprised! This isn't a new idea, Starbucks has had this idea for sometime, using it to make eggnog latte's. You also might remember seeing the additive of eggnog in my Holiday overload concoction.
For those of you that aren't surprised, you are my fellow noggian drinkers. Cheers! By the way, you have a nog mustache you really should wipe off.

So while it is not only is it a delicious cold and thick drink, it is also a great additive to tea. In terms of consistency, a light eggnog will lighten the tea like milk and a normal (and thick) eggnog will lighten the tea like a cream. So flavour accordingly to your tastes!

But, of course, I won't stop there. I found this little gem in the grocery store before December rolled around. I also picked it up then because I figured it wouldn't be in stock later (and I was right.)
Eggnog tea by Bigelows!

This is a relatively unknown brand to me, and I am always hesitant about teas with 'charming' box designs. They can't be all that good of a quality, right? Well, don't go judging a book by its cover. Or a tea by it's box design. I did some research on Bigelows, and I haven't seen it around because it is only America. Phooey. The company looks quaint, and I am interested in the fact that they strive to make a more zestfully flavored tea.
I do like the fact that they seal each tea packet, so it remains fresh.

Now I  guessed it would be either tasty, or terrible. It wasn't terrible. But I think it was because Iwas cheating-- I added eggnog to the eggnog tea. So I really couldn't tell if it was -and I am going to make up a word here- eggnoggy. It was darn good though.

I took a pack home, and had it a few days later without the extra eggnog.
There was certainly a difference.
While it smelled like potent eggnog, it tasted only mildly like eggnog. That is, it had the creamy taste, and only a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg (that's what is in eggnog you know).

So, here is my thoughts on the whole eggnog in tea matter. If you made a face at the thought of putting eggnog in your tea, then don't put eggnog in your tea. Just -buy- Bigelow's Eggnogg'n Tea.
If you like eggnog, then put lots of eggnog in your tea. If you love eggnog, buy the eggnog tea, and add eggnog to it like a alcoholic putting vodka in their morning cup of orange juice. Mmm.


  1. Egg nog tea sounds amazing! I too am a tea addict - 6 or 7 a day...but then, I am English! Happy blogging - sewgorgeous here from swap-bot.

  2. Hi, I'm akilovessweets from swap-bot. I love your blog - I'm a very big fan of tea, too. Look forward to more posts from you!

  3. Hello! This is InfintelyAutumn from Swap-Bot! (End of the year blog comment swap)

    I have never tried egg nog tea. But I love egg nog and tea, so I may need to try it!

  4. My favorite black tea is one from Bigelow. It's called Lemon-Lift. SOOOO good. I'm sure you could order this brand if you found one you really love.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog!

    yellowhallstudio (swapbot)

  5. i have not seen this in the stores. I'm not surprised that it may have been a bit... off.